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Tours to Uzbekistan-"ANOR" SAMARKAND Bukhara TRAVEL

The interest of foreign visitors in Central Asia is growing every year because of the combination of an exotic aura, a wild and stormy past and quite modern and progressive approach of the young and independent societies of Uzbekistan, Kyrgystan, Kasakhstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.
Despite the normal problems of states in transition its an unique and safe area to travel and for discovering the myth of Central Asia.
Our company Anor Samarkand-Bukhara Travel is based in in the heart of Samarkand, wich gives us a very good base of organizing journeys in every direction.We organize tours along Great Silk Way and you have the possibility to study rich history of ancient cradles of civilizations.
In the menue to the right we provide links to our unique journeys, wich we always may change up to your personal needs and wishes. 

We offer differend kind of tours in Uzbekistan   

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